Welcome to Leicester HomeChoice

Welcome to Leicester HomeChoice


Bidding by text and phone methods are no longer available. Please use the Leicester HomeChoice website to place your bids. Access to computers is available at your local libraries.

Inform us of any changes online

You can now let us know of any change in your circumstances online, for example you have moved address or you wish to add or remove someone to your application online, by logging into your Leicester HomeChoice account and completing the online form.

Click here to tell us if you have changed your address.

Click here to tell us if there has been a change in your circumstances, for example you want to add or remove someone from your application.

Click here if you wish to add your partner to your application.

The Housing Allocations Policy is changing

As of Monday 10th August 2015 the Council’s Housing Allocations Policy is changing. The changes relate to:

Leicester City Requirement

Applicants to the Housing Register must meet the Leicester City Requirement (local connection) by satisfying at least one of the following criteria:

• Applicants living within the city of Leicester must have used a residential address within the City as their settled home for 2 consecutive years immediately prior to their housing application.

• Applicants that have previously lived in settled accommodation in Leicester City for 3 consecutive years or more out of the last 5 years.

• Applicants who need to give or receive support to close family members who have been living in the city for the past 5 years.

• Applicants who are currently employed within the city of Leicester and have been for the last 12 months.

Owner Occupiers

People who own homes will be excluded from joining the housing register unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Financial Resources

Households with a total income of £25k per year or more (single household) or £40k per year or more (joint households) or capital assets of over £50k will be excluded from joining the housing register.

Working Households

New Band 3 priority is given to those working households or those in local training schemes who need to move closer to their job/training scheme.

North Memorial Homes

North Memorial Homes have twenty semi-detached houses, situated off Stoughton Road, Oadby. All but five have been converted into two self-contained flats, thus making 35 residences in total. The homes are architecturally interesting and are set in beautifully maintained grounds.

Predominantly, beneficiaries of the charity will be ex-servicemen and their families who are linked to Leicester. However, other categories of people may be considered if there are unfilled vacancies.

More information can be found our their website here.

WELFARE REFORMS – Do they Affect You?

Please be aware that the Government has made changes to Housing Benefit. This means if you receive Housing Benefit and are of working age living in a council / housing association home that is larger than the Government says you need, you may lose part of your housing benefit and you may have to pay more for this property in future if the government continues with its plans.

You should therefore take this into consideration when you are accepting any offer of a property. If you currently under occupy your home and wish to move we can assist you to downsize with our EasyMove Scheme, please contact the Property Lettings Team 0116 454 5190 for more information.

If you are single and aged between 25 and 34 and renting from a private landlord or (HomeCome) from 1st January 2012 you will only be entitled to the shared room rate not the one bedroom rate and you will be expected to make up any shortfall in the rent. Consider carefully when bidding for or accepting an offer of accommodation of this type. See our frequently asked questions number 30.

Information on Local Housing Allowance rates can be found on the Leicester City Council website.

Links to the Benefits calculator and Money advice are also provided on this website at the end of the FAQs.

We will update this information as the proposed benefits changes become clearer. If you are concerned or would like to talk to someone about how these changes may affect you please contact our Income Management Team on 0116 454 1007 and ask for Income Management.

Further information is available from the Directgov website.

New to HomeChoice?

If you are new to Leicester HomeChoice you can take a look at the 'FAQ' page for more detailed information on the scheme, or click on the video below.

The period for applying each week will be from 6am on Wednesday until Midnight the following Monday.

You must be logged in to apply for properties

To apply for properties you must be registered with Leicester City Council’s Housing Register. If you are new to HomeChoice you can now apply using our online form; click on the 'Register' button to begin.

There is an expectation that if you are offered a property you will accept the offer. Be sure about the property and the area you choose - detailed information can be found by clicking on the photograph of the property being advertised.